Short history-, operation of our company 

The company has been founded by 3 individuals in 1991. The owners decided the foundation and plastic parts production based on the existing business relationships-, results of market researches and the specialised educaton of the managing director. In the early years the production was carried on in a rented premise with second-hand machines, these have been later on continuosly replaced by new machinery. In 1998 as an own investment-, we bought a real estate establishing our full independence, where the production is continous since then with continous improvements.

During the past 28 years we made several steps ahead to ensure continuos and stable development. We achieved and maintained smooth but dynamical steps ahead with acquiring different tendering sources, building new production halls and by this we became a significant player in the domestic PET preform and car parts manufacturing industry.

We are improving our premise continously with new services, with new sales forms to be able to meet the nowadays increased demands and to be able to ensure the proper operation of our company.

We are working according to ISO, IATF and HACCP quality standards, our yearly statistical headcount is above 160 persons, our net yearly income exceeds 5,5 billion HUF. 


Zsolt Csengery

Managing Director / Owner