Major operation milestones of Deltaplast

1991 - Foundation
The company has been founded by 3 individuals in 1991. The owners decided the foundation and plastic parts production based on the existing business relationships-, results of market researches and the specialised educaton of the managing director.

1994 – Establishment of our own production base
The location of the production base was a rented building, which was previously a riding hall of a former army base. In that early stage the technical background was 3pcs of second-hand injection moulding machine by which we were manufacturing simple household products. As the order volumes were increasing we were continuosly refurbishing the existing machines, and parallel other second-hand machines were purchased but with a good technical condition.

1996 – Purchasing of the first new machine 
In this year our company purchased the very first-, high-tech plastic injection moulding machine, by which we were able to satisfy the higher quaity demands of our customers as well. With this new equipment we could establish cooperation with those customers too who were demanding very high quality standards.

1998 – Figuration of our own site, hall construction
As we outgrown the rented building-, in form of an own investment our company purchased a real estate, where we constructed 2 halls and a warehouse. The offices and the operator social blocks were also part of the production hall, and a tool shop has already been located here. 
We established a shelf system based storage in our warehouse, by this proper space utilisation has been achieved there.

2000 – Purchasing of further machines 
In the year 2000 we purchased 3 more second-hand machines with perfect technical condition, and a new plastic injection moulding machine with integrated robot system. With this new machine we were able to produce special products with the highest precisity requirements for export markets.

2001 – Purchasing of a nother machine, construction of a new warehouse 
In 2001 we extended our machine portfolio with a nother robot equipped machine, which was necessary to be able to satisfy the increasing customer orders. Due to the increased production volumes we constructed a new warehouse within 3 months, so the storage of the raw materials and finished products could be separated.

2002 – Purchasing of the first PET Preform production line 
In 2002 our company has introduced a new technology, by which we approached the special market field of the food industry related PET preforms.

2003 – Further development of the PET preform business unit 
In 2003 we extended our PET peform production capacity with a new production line due to the increasing business possibilities, by this we continously increased our sales in the rapidly growing domestic market. 
We have started the construction of a new production hall to ensure better satisfaction for our customers and to be able to keep up with the continous market growth.

2004 – New developments
Separation of our production capacity 
Relocation of the PET preform production to a new 450m2 hall, and capacity extension of the technical parts production with the purchasing of 5 more new machines.

2005 – Further extension of the PET preform production capacity 
In this year we purchased a nother high power ENGEL MAC PET type injection moulding machine. By this our preform production capacity tripled within a short period of time, and the product portfolio has been widened with the production of new dimension sets. 
Establishment of our quality and environmental control system.

2006 – Extension of our technical capacity
Further extension of the technical parts production capacity: purchasing of an injection moulding machine with all the necessary supplement periferies.

2007 - Extension of our technical capacity
The technical parts production capacity was further extended with the purchasing of 5 more injection moulding machines.

2008 – Construction of new hall 
Building of 2 new halls for finished products outbound, to be more flexible and more quick in our customer related services.

2009 – Technology and process improvement 
Installation of a new ENGEL MAC PET preform production line, by this further extension of our preform production capacity to satisfy the increasing customer demands.
Gradual implementation of a new production control sysytem along with different LEAN techniques to racionalise our internal processes and to increase our efficiency.

2010 – System improvement, optimisation, tool shop 
Full adoptation of the previously (2009) launched Navision production control system, full screening and optimisation of all the company processes, beginning of a separate tool shop’s construction.

2011 – Capacity increase, PET – PCO 1881 (Super Shorty) standard implementation in production 
Tool shop handover, start-up of all equipments which are necessary for the tooling maintenance / production. 
PCO1881 (Super Shorty) neck design and 9gr – 0.4-0.5ml capacity preform production release.
Realisation of a 250 million HUF investment package, including the purchasing of production equipments, logistics capacity increase, and IT related improvements.

2012 – Implementation of the ISO/TS 16949 standard, new production location
In order to achieve the previously settled target – achiving the TIER2 supplier status - we have started the 1 year preparation phase to get the ISO/TS 16949 certification. 
Preparation start-up for the technical and PET division separation, purchasing of a new site and start-up of design.

2013 – Separation of divisions
Physical separation of production divisions. Within this project a new production hall -, and a 1600m2 finished products hall construction will be executed. Including the neighbouring office buildings this site is going to be our packaging related production location, while the released free space in the former location will be utilisied for the technical-, and automotive related production extensions and improvements.

2014 – Production capacity extension 
Installation of a new-, 2 components production tooling for the technical division, and purchasings of further preform toolings for the packaging division.