Technical parts production

The technical parts producton have been started in the early phase of the company history, and went through on a continuos improvement since then. According to the customer orders and specific interests we have specialised to the production of small and medium sized products. 

The technical parts division – where we produce technical parts for the eletrical – electronics and for the machine industry – is located in a 380m2 production hall, with 30 pcs of up-to-date injection moulding machine in the range of 50t-500t of closing force. The avarage age of our machines is 5 years, and 75% of our machines are younger than 5 years.

To be able to satisfy the high technical requirements-, we have all necessary auxiliary eqipments-, and we have more molding machines with integrated servo motoric ENGEL robots, equipped with engus cutters and drillers. By this in case of some special products apart from the part ejection and sequenced placement some more operations have been automated as well.

According to our customer orders we are abe to design the requested plastic product-, capable of manufacturing and maintaining the tooling. We can satisfy all color expectations of our customers based on the RAL or Pantone color scales..

The most important for us is our products quality-, by this the satisfaction of our customers. This is the reason why we have developed our computer based company management sytsem and our quality system.

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